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Breathing Life into Abstraction through her Wildlife Paintings

Welcome to the artwork of Tricia George, Wildlife Artist. Here you will find her original paintings which are based on experiences she has had in nature while hiking or exploring. Each painting allows her to share her art, her love of wildlife and combine them both to create a special experience for the viewer as well as herself.
Many of her backgrounds express the sense of the urbanism through the use of metallic mediums, plasters, gilding and more. The coarseness in her textures create a counter balance to the stylized yet realistic animals she paints in acrylic paints and glazes.
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“Tricia is a pleasure to work with. Creativity appears to flow through her. She was able to capture and embody the vision that I had for my home. Her work is quite magic and captivating.” ~ Margo K., Berkeley, CA

It took Tricia George exactly one weekend to change two small, clean, tidy bathrooms into works of art. Mine is beautifully, creatively feminine with plaid borders. My husband’s is totally different with walls faux painted to look like old marble. Each of us was extremely surprised and delighted with the outcome. ~ Maggie C.