About Tricia George

Painting is like a beautiful relationship for me between the creation of the painting, the process and the subject matter.

tricia-3-2 ~ Tricia George
I believe that we know our path before we are even born. I knew I came into this life to be many things, one of which is an artist. I grew up in a family of creatives, each of us having our own strengths and talents. We were a sounding board for one another, we would share our work and ideas and still do till this day.
Another passion I have is for the animals of this world, so innocent and pure. As a child I would write essays just for fun researching each creature, its characteristics, habits and the like. I felt they needed our protection even at a very early age.

As I matured in my art career I began to focus on how these delicate creatures (birds especially) adapted to their surroundings that have become more urban over time. In the Journey to the Soul Series, I played with the idea of making these birds larger than life. Having them as the focal point rather than the surroundings they dwell in. This series is painted on canvas in acrylics. A great influence to this series was the dioramas I had worked on at the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. I was replicating the previous artists in order to have the dioramas appear as close to the original paintings as possible.

Painting this size, many times with a brush taped to a pole, allowed me to loosen up a bit in the backgrounds. As I was finishing up the last painting entitled Happiness, I felt the restriction of the canvas and was seeking a new surface. My career as a decorative artist drew me to try panels. Panels are much sturdier, like a wall surface and the materials can be manipulated without fear of cutting the canvas, cracking, sagging; this became the beginning of a new direction for me that was first developed in the Home Series.

Through It All was the first painting in the Home Series. A friend of mine gave me a bunch of plasters and mediums and I began to play with materials on an mdf panel. Being new at this I began adding material, removing material without any predictable outcome. Trying blades, razors, whatever I could get my hands on the experiments began to feel right! My subjects still remained the same becoming more intuitive to me. I would begin to incorporate objects I would see and find on my hikes, the inspiration seems endless for me each experience I have in nature influences my creations becoming more intimate with each series.

The series that have followed: Sacred Animals, Small Wonders, and my current series Awakenings (currently in progress) have me going a bit deeper with my work. I am playing with a sense of connection for myself and viewer that provides a sense of intimacy. I am seeing each painting as just a moment or a breath that I am here to express.