Working with Acrylics and Mica

Acrylic painting barn owl

Painting is such a peaceful experience for me. I have worked in my medium for 27 years now and I am still learning and evolving which I hope never ends! For this piece I was working to simulate wind through the use of mica pieces which I troweled into the surface while it was wet, almost embedding it somewhat into the metallic plaster. The challenge, it limited my composition in a way. It forced me to place the owl far to the right and still experimenting with the foliage interaction as well!

This painting is inspired during a visit to the Marin Art and Garden Center during the Hungry Owl Project last year. Where I was able to meet many birds of prey up close and personal. Many of these birds can no longer live on their own in the wild, becoming sentinels to us.

To see a video on how I started the process of this painting please follow the link here! Watch me Begin this painting here!

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