Thank you!

I have had the pleasure of sharing my artwork at and it has been just an amazing experience, why you ask? It is the connection and the input I am receiving about my artwork, I love, love, love to hear what others feel, think and experience when viewing my work. I recently spoke with someone who recently shared her experience with my artwork. She told me that: “every title to your paintings turns a sort of switch on when I look at the title and then look at the painting….” My heart grew so warm and my spirit said a big YES!

For those of you that have not visited the studio, taken a class with me, read my blog before, there is something I would like to share with you. When I start a painting, the background I have no idea what is going to be painted on top of it. I may look at it for months, travel, hike, walk, go out in nature every way possible until the experience becomes a photograph in my mind. When that synergistic moment happens for me I immediately reflect on my life, why the inspiration is coming right at that moment and my title comes pouring in, this may just be a whisper, heard in a song I am listening to while I am painting, but that title sticks with me through the entire painting.

I am so grateful and blessed when I hear why people would like the paintings in their home and I wanted to take the time to thank those individuals, You are appreciated!

rose freigestellt in rosa





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