The Artist Blog; Sharing my experiences with you!

Welcome to My Artist Blog

I wanted to share with you more intimate moments about my artwork; why I create what I create, the process of painting, variations of light and color and much, much more. Painting has a sort of heart beat for me, a rhythm that I wish to share with everyone. It is so deep that I need to share with you my methods and inspirations.

The other aspect of my art is: Teaching, Sharing, and watching Individuals Grow! Here you will see the latest works of my students as well! What I love about teaching is the ability to give to others and drop seeds in their creations. the enthusiasm is contagious! Look out!

Happy reading and exploring and I thank you for taking the time to check out my blog!

Here is a photo of the studio.

Here is a photo of the studio, where both classes and paintings are created!