For commission inquiries please email or send your request via our Contact page.

Are you looking for that perfect painting to fit your décor? Have you ever thought about a commissioned painting made just for you and your environment? By commissioning a work of art you are getting exactly what you want and if you are not sure about what you want I can help you!

Above you will see commissions I have done based on the clients request. Samples are always provided to show composition, balance, color, etc.

Below you will see a piece from start to finish noting exactly how low the client wanted the painting on the wall so it will look aesthetically pleasing in the space. I then applied a vision the client previously had shared with me and adjusted it to their ideals and superimposed the sample of the artwork on the wall before the painting even began! Colors were developed and chosen using a color by number system. We met personally to choose the colors prior to production. Progress photos were then sent and the client had the opportunity to see it in the studio before delivery.