Exploring a bit of Surrealism

It is amazing how some things come full circle, especially when you least expect it!

When I first moved to California, I was inspired and painted over 15 paintings  within a few months time. I was inspired by the landscapes and colors. My art had taken at that time a turn towards the surreal. I was painting from the unconscious what I was experiencing with all the new stimuli!

During my sessions with Maxine from Bluestar Guidance I have really been falling into more of myself in regards to my art. there is a synergy that is being created, where I am incorporating my love of textures, color, the figurative and the surreal. It is really pretty wild!

Each piece is becoming a story that can be interpreted by the viewer. Below are two of the pieces that are really playing with that blending of my passions. Enjoy!


20170531_153543 (1)

Shakira, is a such an observer in the Studio!


Acrylic Rooster Painting

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