Intimate questions from Bluestar Guidance

I believe everyone comes into your life for a purpose, experience, that it is all divinely connected, that there are no coincidences. Well I have been working with Maxine from Bluestar Guidance who I found via Instagram, I love that platform for sharing my work with other individuals! Well recently Maxine posted a few questions which really sparked my interest to answer. I thought I would share them here with you!


How old was I when I chose my career path? I can tell you that I knew when I was very young, without asking my parents the exact age I would say around 3 or 4. I was standing at the threshold of one of the rooms in our house with my sister watching as my mom and dad painted a mural on what was to be our playroom. It was painted mustard, orange and lime green (yes I was a creation of the 70’s! ha ha the colors back then!) I can clearly remember a giraffe, a lion and the beginning of the ABC”S and 123’s.

I can recall the enthusiasm and spark I felt while watching them, even at that age. I still feel that energy when painting now.

What was important to me then? It was the level of excitement and enthusiasm that I felt. It was inspiring, I felt a deep “YES” even at that age, I can still feel that feeling!

Is the core of that still important to me? It’s funny because in my recent series “SOAR”, the energy has shifted and that exact feeling is back, I felt it yesterday even while sharing my most recent sketch with a student of mine. My heart palpitates a bit faster and I can feel my body pulsing and the energy radiating outward!

When I am alone and working how do I feel? I am most connected with my soul when I am painting, as if I am holding a warm dear friend of which I never grow tired of. An entire day can go by and it is still not long enough for me to paint. It is my life’s purpose.

What makes me happiest about my work?  Gosh, this one is tough because all aspects of creation bring me happiness. It begins when the vision drops in and I have painted the entire painting already in my head. There are thousands of paintings just waiting to be formed. It is a creative stream that just keeps flowing like a river, never running dry.

What helps me feel inspired? It is my life. The experience of me as a spirit in this body on this planet, in this Universe!

When am I the happiest?It is in all aspects of the process. It ebbs and flows throughout the experience of creating. I so compare it to water and the multitude of waters around out, but all being from the same element. The river, the lake, the ocean, the stream, creating for me is a little bit of each at different times of the process.

When I connect with that happiness what do I do? I fall into it, let it ride. Many times as I am painting I visualize surfing the wave, where am I on the wave, what I am I doing what am I feeling, smelling, experiencing… the water cold or just right. As I am painting I am constantly shifting, moving, evolving, connecting to all the surfaces around me:

the surface ~ the earth and stone are represented most in my first layer, usually depicted on wood with metallics, plasters, cool surface materials

the painting ~ the brush touching the surface with ease and fluidity, with the least amount of tension possible, glazing layer upon layer to build up the paint, but yet still be smooth to the touch

the process ~ I can only liken it to maybe a mother giving birth to they are an aspect of me, each and everyone one, they are my most intimate thoughts being placed with cohesiveness, love and unity, until the piece tells me it is complete!


This was a wonderful exercise, Thank Maxine for the spark!

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