The Offerings ~ Inspired by Life’s Moments

The Offerings are a small series that is inspired by my life’s moments. I was working on another painting of an Eurasian Owl and I had to abruptly stop painting the painting due to experiences loved ones in my family were going through. As an artist I paint from my heart, but when my hear was being redirected to my loved ones, I chose to stop. Why…..

I realize that I create to share my spiritual and loving essence of my soul. I did not want life’s influences at the moment to alter the painting and something inside me told me to stop. As soon as I did I created The Offerings, which is a collection of smaller paintings reflecting the love I have for those who have passed, the ones that are still here on this planet learning how to live without the ones they love.

I take great intention on living my life in a conscious manner, staying awake to the little things others may not notice. It is amazing how it tends to just pour out of me like a full river. I feel like I cannot paint fast enough.

I hope you enjoy your own reflections when viewing this series!


Homage painting to Amparo Feliz Ortiz!

In loving memory of Amparo Feliz Ortiz!

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