Painting with Passion, Exploring New Elements in My Work

Painting with Passion!

I love working with textures, usually in a visual manner. Thin layers of acrylics and plasters layering  on top of one another that appears to have texture, but to the touch it is as smooth like quartz. I was curious how it would feel to work on a surface that would absorb my materials, have the ability to deboss the surface and create ridges and valleys. So I decided to give plaster a try! Once the plaster dried, I troweled on some acrylic materials, played with inks working in a wet on wet manner, and added some metallic powders .

Well it is over 6 months of looking at the background which I loved, until I could decide what would be the passion of this piece. I began to see the painting in my mind’s eye, I sort of see the painting composition forming right in front of me and usually get this very strong “YES” when it is completed in my vision.

Many times the sketch is completed in this manner and then I put it to paper, working with the background textures, colors and sheens. This creates a little challenge for me in a fun and exploitative way. I set intentions of what really resonates with me in the background and try to work my composition around those elements.

Why the passion flower…..I was reflecting on the early years of my teaching career in Pittsburgh, PA, how I tried to teach the art of randomness by dropping pennies on a piece of paper, forcing you to paint around those areas to create spontaneity in a piece. One of my students had shared with me a passion flower that he brought to class, I was inspired by the layers and the levels of the complex flower. That memory became the answer, I felt how much love I feel when I share my passion for painting with others and watch them create.

Currently I teach a small group of students and just enjoy the process of change, growth, teaching and sharing with others in order to create their own creations.

The Anna’s Hummingbird reflects my energy at the moment. there are weeks when I can paint paint for weeks at a time, as the works just keep flowing from my fingertips!


Passion Flower and Hummingbird

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