Tricia George Bay Area Artist - Anticipation


I began this painting with a sense of uncertainty and anxiousness. My life was again entering a new chapter and I was just holding the book as the pages seemed to turn on their own. All aspects of my world were changing simultaneously and I was just trying to hold on. The background is a play of metallic colors that reminded me of a photo that was taken out of focus.
I was hiking in Rush Creek where I had taken photos of the well-worn fence line. Quite often a quail would scurry his way across the path and disappear into the brush. The quail depicted on top of the fence is ready to burst at the seams; his eyes are wide and vibrant in Anticipation of what is going to come next. He is puffed up as if he is holding his breath in not wanting to release the air in case he needs it a bit later. The colors were enhanced in order to portray a more flamboyant personality.



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24 x 60″ Original wood panel $7,650, 24 x 60″ Stretched canvas print $1353, 24 x 60″ Premium giclee paper print $1065, 12 x 30″ Stretched canvas prinit $995, 12 x 30″ Premium giclee paper print $865