Dive by Tricia George, Wildlife Artist


Dive may be a smaller piece of mine, but it is very introspective for me. I have had an affinity for birds for a very long time. The represent so many elements for me, especially when relating to the specific species of bird. I had worked on this background relentlessly, working with a very acidic green trying to break out of my comfort zone of neutral earth tones, I began envisioning natural stones, quartz and minerals as I worked with the colors in the background.

As I painted the layers of metallic paints, matte plaster and saturated color, I began to see in my minds eye a choreography of an play on a stage. The willow became the curtain being drawn back, setting the stage for the lead a Kingfisher in its natural vibrancy of complimentary colors. I was taking on the precision of the Kingfisher “Diving In” to the abstract abyss, eyes focused on its catch, though it is unseen to our eyes.

I know with certainty there will be a companion piece to this painting, but now is not the time, the wonderful thing about creating is that it is ongoing and ever evolving!

36″ x 24″ Raised Birch Panel on a matte plaster ground