Image is close to scale, but not exact. Simulation only.happiness-detail


I was amazed by the colors of the American Avocet that I saw in the estuary in Corte Madera. The beautiful salmon/orange sherbet feathers adorned its head, so precious. What was so interesting was that the coloration comes and goes based on the season, I just happened to see them at the perfect time!
I had spent most of my time painting the background filled with calm and gentle waters, lightly breaking as they touched the earth. The avocet’s coloration was a perfect contrast to the periwinkle in the background.
“Happiness” describes the sweet space I was in as I painted this painting; life appeared fresh and new!

65″ x 42″ Original Canvas Unwrapped


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65″ x 42″ Original – unstretched canvas $6350, 36″ x 23″ Stretch canvas print $975, 36″ x 23″ Premium giclee paper print $825, 33″ x 14″ Stretched canvas print $885, 33″ x 14″ Premium giclee paper print $750