In Flight by Tricia George
Image is close to scale, but not exact. Simulation

In Flight

In Flight represents the ability to just take off with ease, gracefully moving through my environment with a sense of grace and at the same time being supported by the invisible essence that surrounds all of us. The transparent grasses in the foreground are representative of what touches us on the earthly plane; they too have flexibility, ease and reflect the multiple directions one can take.

I began to explore the idea of doing my under paintings on a metallic base. I used silver for this one in particular. Because the water is painted using multiple layers of glaze, the water possesses a sense of movement that you can see as the light changes as it touches the surface.

52″ x 64″ Original Gallery Wrap Canvas


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Original on gallery wrap canvas 52″ x 64″ $6650, 52″ x 64″ Stretched canvas print $2735, 26″ x 32″ Stretched canvas print $1005, 26″ x 32″ Premium giclee paper print $840, 17″ x 21″ Stretched canvas print $880, 17″ x 21″ Premium giclee paper print $750