Looking Within
Image is close to scale, but not exact. Simulation only.looking-within-close-uplooking-within-detail-2

Looking Within

I was walking near an estuary in Corte Madera and saw this delightful bird for the first time. Its head reminded me of a yin and yang pattern…reminding me of balance during a very challenging time in my life’s journey. This Black-Necked Stilt inspired me to look into myself with a sense of clarity, depicted in the reflection in the water. With a crystal clear stillness of its image being reflected back, just touching the surface of the water without disturbance reminds me of be present.

This particular painting is painted on a purple/periwinkle background with the use of interference colors in purples and reds. Interference colors are not always apparent until the light hits them a particular way; they then show color as though a pink sunset sky has brushed the water’s surface.

66″ x 44″ Original Gallery Wrap Canvas


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66″ x 44″ Original stretched canvas $6150, 33″ x 22″ Stretched canvas print $930, 33″ x 22″ Premium giclee paper print $775, 22″ x 15″ Stretched canvas print $820, 22″ x 15″ Premium giclee print $695