Regal by Tricia George, Wildlife Artist


Regal ~ A painting that is inspired of dreams, roosters and experiences!

The vision of Regal began last year while we were starting out on one of our many road trips. We decided to stop for java to begin the journey! We went North on 101 and landed in Sebastopol, to the local Starbucks and I was pleasantly surprised with a brood of roosters and chickens, hanging out in the parking lot and adorning all the outdoor furniture! Well of course camera in hand I began taking photos of these colorful creatures! This one rooster just rested on the base of the table, fearless and calm enough for me to snap some photos!

I began working in my sketch book playing with ideas for this fellow. I had a vision of the word “Regal” that just resonated with me based the little guys spirit! So here I was playing with the concept of royalty, which reminded me of the ornate nature of decorative furnishings that I have seen during my decorative arts career. It wasn’t until I began the large scale rendering that I knew this scroll work would reflect the nostalgic memories of eating zucchini blossoms with goat cheese when on vacation with my aunt in Rome.

It’s fun combining memories together to create a sort of visual memoir.

Here is the small sketch and the larger rendering of the piece. I love using charcoal to start the initial process.

Here is the small sketch and the larger rendering of the piece, prior to placing the subject on the panel.

I love using charcoal to start the initial process in my work. The medium is so loose, forgiving and really provides me the ability to just flow with my initial strokes of creation!

Acrylic mediums and Acrylic on 36″ x 36″ Birch raised panel




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