Tricia George's Symphony
Image is close to scale, but not exact. Simulation only.symphony-detailsymhony-detail-2


Symphony was inspired by a peacock I had met a number of times at a farm where I would plein aire paint here in Marin County. With over 30 ferrule peacocks, this handsome fellow would come less than a foot away from me! I promised him that I would paint him with all the strength and confidence he shared with me and here he is.

The tail is purposefully cropped as though he was walking onto a stage. The background is composed of multiple layers of metallic glazes tinted with colors. His shadow has been embellished with a material that shimmers similar to that of glitter in a much more sophisticated manner.

45″ x 83″ Original Gallery Wrap Canvas

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45″ x 83″ Original stretched canvas $8865, 23″ x 42″ Stretched canvas print $1265, 23″ x 42″ Premium giclee paper print $1095, 15″ x 28″ Stretched canvas print $1120, 15″ x 28″ Premium giclee paper print $985