Through It All
Image is close to scale, but not exact. Simulation only.

Through It All

When you know change is coming, but you have no idea what direction you will be going in and you can sense it is going to come like a whirlwind, well that is exactly what I was experiencing as I began “Through it all”.
This was the transition painting for me; it was actually the first painting that I painted on a panel. I began working with various plasters, troweling on the materials. Becoming frustrated, I had begun shaving areas off with a razor blade, exposing the areas underneath.
I had taken two hikes that were pivotal for this painting, one up to Big Rock off Lucas Valley Road where I saw the most vibrant blue bird. The other was the East Peak of Mt. Tamalpais where I found these wondrous seed pods that reminded me of marshmallows, they were so top heavy yet still the stem did its best to keep the seeds upright.
Here the courageous bluebird holds the seeds, which represent growth, clarity, and weight as he faces the chaos before him.

Mixed Media / 36″ x 44″ Original on MDF Raised Panel



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24″ x 31″ Stretched canvas print $725, 24″ x 31″ Premium giclee paper print $585, 18″ x 22″ Stretched canvas print $695, 18″ x 22″ Premium giclee paper print $645