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Transformation is the only painting that was painted in two different studios. I knew there was uncertainty as to where I was going when I began the painting. I began with the grasses which represented our inability to peer into our future. Thick lush and green grasses creating a barrier to remind me to stay in the present moment…between the foreground and background the grasses begin to almost fall into themselves, as if bending from a heavy weight, that weight was at the time my uncertainty. The water was actually painted before the heron, reminding me to keep flowing, keep going! The painting remained undone for months and that is rare for me, I had a hesitation to paint the Heron in its bold colors, the Heron remained unpainted until after my studio relocation.
My new studio was a blessing and a gift, allowing my freedom with the large expansive walls that it had, just begging me to create! I was finally ready to finish the painting after a few months of being in the new space.
The Great Blue Heron is a bird I see many times walking around the estuaries in Marin, they are so grand, and present, in a sense exuding a regal confidence. I chose to paint the heron in a palette similar to the grass, I was not yet ready or should I say confident in my new environment though I was ready to land.
Within the water where the Heron has landed I began to play a bit, hiding small elements that I saw in the water as I was painting it.

86″ x 67″ Original Canvas Unstreched


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86″ x 67″ Original – Unstretched canvas $7900, 36″ x 28″ Stretched canvas print $1125, 36″ x 28″ Premium giclee paper print $825, 29″ x 22″ Stretched canvas print $985, 29″ x 22″ Premium giclee paper print $745