Sacred Animals

Thank you for visiting the Sacred Animal series. Here you can read why it was inspired and what draws Tricia to keep painting.

Many times in my life I can feel a specific animal on a more intuitive level, it is as if they come to me and share their knowledge with me in order to grow, move through a situation or experience. I believe that they teach, support or direct me based what I am going through at that moment.

For years birds of many species has been a huge part of the sacred animals that have come to me, that’s why I think I have created two series’ already with these feathered friends. Many times while I would be hiking and would be contemplating something, I would ask for a sign; many times that sign would be found with a birds feather or a bird experience I may have, where there is an actual interaction on a more spiritual level.

I recently had a new animal pop into the scene which I embraced wholeheartedly. Behind him I could see in my creative eye a procession of animals posing just waiting for their turn to be painted. Throughout my day and especially as I am painting I can actual feel and sense the animal in my mind’s eye. I do a lot of soul work and soul searching with each painting trying to express that essence into each and every painting.