The Start of a New Series! ~Soar~


I went to an event at the Marin Art and Garden Center last year that was put on by The Hungry Owl Project. There was a large number of prey birds that had either been rescued, injured, or unable to be set out to fend for their own. I was overwhelmed with the number of birds, types and species I had never interacted with.

The first painting is a Leucistic Red-Tailed Hawk, she was just lovely. The beauty is that I was able to spend time with them, study them and watch them in a different manner, which is in the wild: flying, hunting or roosting.

I chose to title this series Soar for two reasons:

  • The first is to pay homage to these birds, who help educate the public about the species so that we may have a better understanding and respect for each of them.
  • The second meaning is seeing myself Soar. Exploring my painting method a bit differently, breaking into something new. working with a few new materials, focusing on textures and layering in a more translucent manner, and the most important for me is capturing the spirit of the animal in a way that is and integral part of their nature.
Acrylic Painting, Waxes, Gold and More

Playing with waxes, iridescent paints, 23k gilding and more!

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