Warming up with small paintings

I have many unfinished paintings that sit in the back room waiting patiently to be made into something new and refreshing. They are panels where I may have demonstrated a technique to my students, started something and never finished, experimented with different materials and techniques….well I thought this would be the perfect “warm up” for me!

Each piece has its own elements that create a challenge, but that’s okay! They are starting out off as little snap shots of something I am feeling at that moment in time. I was talking art with my Dad the other day and we were discussing being in creative ruts, feeling like we cannot move creatively, like the brakes are on and how does one adjust that brake?!

Sharing with him, I realized the challenges in painting small for me. Normally I can work on a painting for a week or two, this gives me the opportunity to evolve with it. Many times I know the title of my piece and that title becomes sort of a mantra that I reflect upon while I paint. Well with smaller pieces the thought comes and goes much more quickly. Some of these can be completed in a few hours, others maybe a day and then poof I am off to the next thought….Here are some of the most recent experiences, in different stages….I told my father I couldn’t wait to begin larger pieces again! But for now this is where I am!

My first painting of 2017!

My first painting of 2017!

Killdeer on Gilded surface Tricia George

In Process, but really enjoyed this one!

Purple finch with Abstract Background

Also in process….Entitled Evolve!

Owl Mixed Media Tricia George

This is just about done…entitled Transparency

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