Winter has arrived….

And I have been quite busy, with more projects than I can imagine! One thing I have learned in this 27 years of being a professional artist thankfully is to let things just happen as they may. There are months when I am painting in the art studio distraction free, creating a series in about 3 months and then there are times where my career as a decorative artist just begins to thrive, either way I am so grateful that I have developed a life that allows me to live like a river, just flowing and touching the rocks, the soil, the grass, for that I am blessed.

My recent week consisted of a hand full of mural concepts from Italian text to triangles floating in complete abstraction that really has me touching on my background of diversity.

I believe it is this diversity, to paint in number of methods, styles and techniques that only strengthens my art.

mural painitng

Tricia George Painting a mural in 2005

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